Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sister Erika McIntyre MTC Photos

Erika sent us her camera chips with lots of photos. As you know she is now in Japan serving, but here are a few pictures from her MTC experience. The one below is her with her companions I believe. This is Sister Tong I believe. Nori Mason's mother!
Here she is with Elder Monson, who I believe will be arriving in our mission next month.
This next one looks like her MTC district before heading out to Japan.
This is nice shot her and Elder Henry Eyring. Henry was in our stake in Tokyo while his father served as Mission President there. We hoped Elder Eyring would come to Kobe but one of the other Japan missions got him!
It looks like she met up with Mika Sawada at the temple before departing.
Here she is with Sister Glenn who is one our newest missionaries to arrive.And last of all here she is with her little sister, Julie at the Provo Temple!

Erika is doing great, but we miss both of our girls!


Missionary Mom said...

President and Sister McIntyre,
It was fun to see a photo of our son on your blog. He is the short one with the glasses in the picture of Erica's MTC District. (Elder Martin Mumford) We enjoy peeking at your blog every now and again. (Found it through the Japan missionary moms e-mail group) Best wishes to you, Erica, and your missionary family.
-Karen Mumford (Camas, Washington, USA)

Lori Preece said...

The older japanese woman you called Sister Fong is really Sister Shirley Tong. She lived for several years in the Anaheim
1st ward in the Anaheim California Stake where I grew up and now lives in Utah with her husband Norman. She is a delightful woman and has a wonderful family. I am a friend of the Rasmussen family. JD Rasmussen is a missionary in your mission and his mom sent me an email from JD with a link to your blog. It was great seeing Shirley's picture, I haven't seen her in several years. Many prayers are with the missionaries throughout the world.
Lori Preece, Orange, California