Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Transfers October 2010 - Three New Sisters Come to Kobe

We welcomed three great sisters to the mission this past transfer. We also invited Elder Chappell to join them for orientation as he was scheduled to arrive with the previous group but was delayed for a few weeks and arrived in Japan between transfers. Elder Chappell, Sisters Williams, Kawane and Escalante.
Dinner with us at the mission home.

Sushi for lunch with some of the Kobe District.

The new sisters with the Pypers. Sister Escalante is the sister of Elder Escalante who is already currently serving in the mission. Too bad brother and sister cannot be companions!

The Kobe Sisters with Elder and Sister Priddis.

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Kat said...

Ah it is so heart warming to see such glowing, happy smiles on these fresh, new missionaries!

I am pleased that Sister Escalante is able to join her brother in the best mission in the world, Kobe Japan! And from what Elder Escalante tells me, they have the best mission president in the world as well!

Sister Escalante almost did not make it with this group, because she contracted strep throat two days before she was to fly to Japan, but a huge penicillin shot and priesthood blessing got her on the plane with these sisters so she didn't have to delay her arrival!

Thank you for taking the time to post these photos!

I love them!

Sister Kokenes
Okaasan to Elder and Sister Escalante