Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Transfers October 2010 - Returning Missionaries

The Kobe Mission returned 11 missionaries this past transfer.
Elders Oshiro, Muraoka, Daimler, Budge, Murphy, Aguirre, Chamochumbi, and Solomon. Sisters Kobayshi, Kaneko and Kina.
Sukiyaki dinner at the mission home their last night.
Elder Budge made a sign before he left for Sister McIntyre's used clothes closet in the mission office.
Did not fit Elder Budge.
Elder Murphy's mother and sister were in Japan to meet him.
Sister Kobayashi's mother and sister came from Tokyo to pick her up.
A wonderful and large group of missionaries. We will miss them!

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Toshi said...

Thank you for the new posts! Time flies!!! Those are the first ones came in while I was in the office. A few more transfers, then I will have no mossioaries I have known on my mission...
You all and the mission are always in my prayers!