Monday, June 14, 2010

Recent Baptisms June 2010

This past week was one of the best for convert baptisms we have had. And the month of June is looking to be a great month. We were personally able to attend a few services this past weekend. We are still waiting for more pictures from the field. In Omihachiman, Kyoto Stake, the Inoguchi family was baptized. The mother, father and two children were all baptized by elders Chamochumbi and Varjao. We had to postpone the original baptism date so Sister Inoguchi could give birth to their new little daughter!
In Shimogamo Ward, Kyoto Stake, Brother Nakakubo was baptized by Elders McBurney and Mastuki.

In Otsu, also Kyoto Stake, Brother Eliton was baptized by Elders Nakamura and Nielson.
In Miki Branch, Kobe Stake, Brother Lu was baptized by Elders West and Toring.
In the Maizuru Branch, Fukuchiyama District, Brother Kawabe was baptized in the Sea of Japan by Elders Thayer and Kimura.
The elders love to baptize in the ocean!

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