Monday, June 14, 2010

Congratualtions Ricky! High School Graduation 2010

Ricky graduated from high school at the Canadian Academy in Kobe this past week. We are very proud of him. Being an international school with students from around the world, many graduates wore their traditional country costume in lieu of the traditional cap and gown. Ricky wore a Japanese Hakama. At graduation with Japanese grandparents, James, parents and Nanao.
With mom and dad at the mission home.
Nothing like celebrating with some delicious Kobe Beef! Ricky is off to BYU Hawaii in the fall! He also finished his Eagle Scout award and got his patriarchal blessing this past week. A busy time!

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Kat said...

OMEDETOU to Ricky and to Mom and Dad for doing such a great job with him! I hope he has the opportunity to meet Keala Escalante, Elder Escalante's baby sister @ BYUHawaii in the Fall!