Friday, April 2, 2010

Transfer Week!

We welcomed 9 new elders to the Kobe Mission this past week. One is from Australia, one from the Philippines, 2 from the US and 5 from Japan. All attended the MTC in Provo and arrived together. Two of the Japanese elders were in Sister Erika McIntyre' class in the MTC. She is now a teacher for the Japanese missionaries at the MTC.Front row left to right - Sister McIntyre, Elders Toring, Tateishi, McKellar, Tsushima and President McIntyre. Back Row - Elders Matsukura, Nakamura, Cannon, Kuroda and Usui. Welcome dinner with the family.
Above - Departing Group Dinner. We returned 5 five great elders this week as well.
Elders Remund, Capener, Ito, Maeno and Lytle pose with their cards and cake.


sharon mckellar said...

Thankyou for showing us your wonderful blog I'm so greatful to see
Elder Mckellar...

Benzell said...

I was waiting for a flight in the SLC airport and saw a whole bunch of missionaries walking down the concourse. I always check missionaries badges while I'm in the SLC airport to see if they are traveling to Japan. I was glad to see that these missionaries were going to Japan and surprised to find out that they were going to the Japan Kobe Mission. Now I'm even more surprised to see those same missionaries on this blog. I served in the Kobe Mission from 1999 to 2001. I had many great testimony strengthening experiences there and came to love the place and the people very much. I will definately check back here often to see what's going on in the mission.

Ben Tutor
Salt Lake City, UT