Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April in the Mission 2010

We enjoyed a Chinese Dim Sum lunch with the missionaries in Abeno after interviews.

Zone conferences in Mikunigaoka. These sisters prepared lunch for 55 missionaries!
They loved it!

It was a big meal and delicious!

Some recent baptism pictures from the field. Elders Childs and Tibbs with Brother Kishimoto of the Sekime Ward, Osaka Stake.
Elders Kimura and Wiser with Sister Nakamura of the Himeji Ward, Kobe Stake.
Elders West and Mizuguchi with Brother Nagai in the Shingu Branch.
Elders Wade, Ritchie, Nielson and Campbell with Brother Sakai in Hirakata Ward, Osaka Stake.

Elders Emery and Johnson with Brother Yanagihara of the Kawachi Nagano Ward, Sakai Stake.

Sister Fujihara with Elders McConnell, Smith and Varjao of the Kita Rokko Ward, Kobe Stake.
Elders Kodama and Neider with Sister Urasoko of the Sennan Ward, Sakai Stake.
Elders Oshiro, Shinozaki and Manning with Brother Hanzawa of the Kobe Ward, Kobe Stake.
Zone Conferences in Ibaraki. Our great lunch helpers!Birthdays! Everyone lined up to be sang to and get a birthday gift from Sister McIntyre.Lunch time!Some of our great Sister Missionaries at the conference.During our interviews in Kobe, several of the missionaries wanted to try the chicken katsu challenge at lunch. If you can eat it all in 30 minutes it is free. The picture is deceiving. The meal includes about 2 pounds of rice and 25 pieces of fried chicken cutlets. Even if you could eat all that, the 30 minute time limit does you in. Luckily, they give you a doggy bag!
Everyone thought Elders Ritchie and Smith could do it.A valiant effort, but time ran out.Elder Wiser - good try!And representing the Philippines, young Elder Toring - sorry!
Elder Novak gave it a great effort too, but fell short.
Elder Harvard tried too. Elder Bunderson was worried from the get go.
Actually, little Elder Kimura came the closest of this group.But as you can see, he too came up short. I actually discouraged them from trying, but there are some things a young missionary needs to learn on his own!
Interviews in Iwade finished with yakiniku, a missionary favorite.

So if you think we teach and interview missionaries and then eat, you are right. Then we do it again and again and again.

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