Friday, August 21, 2009

Special Transfer - 4 Missionaries Return Home With Honor!

This week we had a special transfer for four elders who have completed two years, but needed to get home before the regular transfer date to start school. Elders Steele, Schmidt, Swartz and Throop all departed on the 21st after two years in Kobe. We had a nice meal, testimony meeting and a trip to the park to view the night lights of Kobe the night before they left. In the morning, the four elders went on a morning run with Sister McIntyre and I up the mountain and to the river.
James and Ricky started school this week and look real excited about it in this picture from dinner. James was not happy he had homework on the first day back! Nevertheless, the food was delicious. Two kinds of Gyoza, stir fried meat and veggies, chili shrimp and chicken, salad and mango sticky rice.Elder Throop was given an apron from Sister McIntyre for his service in the mission office after his bike accident. She claims he was her first APW or Assistant to the President's Wife. Elder Throop finished his mission strong after healing and was eventually transferred back to the same area where the accident occurred, Hanayashiki, as his final area. A great group of elders. Regular transfers are the first week of September and we will be welcoming 9 new missionaries and 4 more return home.

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