Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recent Shots from the Around the Mission

Here are some picture updates from around the mission. Above- The Miki Branch had a wonderful baptism this past week and most of the members are pictured here. Sister Goto Yukiko was baptized. She was taught by Elders Maua'i and Stennett. They are both from Hawaii and said luau dendo works great in Miki. Elder Reading who is also pictured also taught her when he was in that area.
When we did interviews in Fukuchiyama we all ate lunch at an all-you-can-eat yakiniku. Everyone looks quite satisfied. Pictured are Elders Matsuki, Mizuguchi, Fa'aleilei, Oshiro, Reading, Ritchie, Kurose and Cutler.
Sister McIntyre finally found something to do with all those old ties she gets from the missionaries. Here she models a skirt made from old ties. She now has each returning missionary leave her one of their old ties so she can make things with them.
This sign outside of a convenience store between Hirakata and Nara reads: Let's Stop Annoying Behavior . You can figure what behavior they are talking about.

Elders Monson and Swartz enjoy chocolate on their dry ramen noodles at a recent district lunch at the mission home.

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julie said...

that is a cool tie skirt!