Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekly Update - March 15th

This Saturday we were able to visit the Akashi Church where we had two baptisms. First was Brother Masuda from the Miki Branch. He was taught and baptized by Elders Edfrennes and Campbell.Many of the Miki Branch members came to Akashi for the baptism. I was asked to share some thoughts and testimony in addition to the regular program. The missionaries also had an investigator there who is planning to be baptized soon.Later that same afternoon at the same church, the Akashi Ward had a baptismal service for Brother Inoue. He was found in another area by Elder Ito, who performed the baptism, but was referred to Akashi where he lives. Elders Steele, Remund and Andrews taught him in Akashi. Brother Inoue had a bad cold, but insisted on going through with the baptism that day.
Below is the Akashi Church building. It is a very nice 3 story church. The sun was behind the church so the picture is not the best. Well, actually all church steeples glow like this in Japan, especially when there are baptisms inside! This week we finished interviews for the transfer cycle by meeting the missionaries of the Sakai #2 zone in Mikunigaoka. The folders are from McDonalds. You get one free when you order a quarter pounder. I wonder where they ate recently? The folders have motivational phrases on them in Japanese. It is part of a pro baseball campaign.Some of the missionaries enjoyed sushi with Sister McIntyre. Yes, they ate all those plates of sushi. President McIntyre preferred a double quarter pounder.
Sister Erika McIntyre continues to have a great time in Sapporo. She is getting a little tired of the cold, but loves her mission and her companion, Sister Nishimuro.
Next week is transfer week. Time is flying. We will see 4 elders return home and 5 new ones come in. I have basically finished deciding transfers and will spend this weekend pondering and praying to make sure we got it right. Tuesday morning we will call them out. Next week will be a busy one, but transfers are always exciting.

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