Saturday, March 28, 2009

President's Birthday

It was president's birthday this month and Sister McIntyre made him a special cookie! He got many notes and cards and some other unique and memorable little gifts from the missionaries. We may share more on that in the next entry! We have some pretty creative missionaries... Not the best shot, but March was a busy month and I think I was little tired here. James made a great chocolate cake and tried to spell something out with peanut M&M's. It was delicious. The office staff (I should say Elder Fukui) made a strawberry whip cream cake (my favorite) and made a very creative poster (using the creative art talent of Elder Andrews) based on the circle of life (Lion King). Everyone in the mission home and office was represented and transformed into an animal character from the movie.
It was a busy day as we attended four baptisms that day starting in Amagasaki at 10 am. We arrive back home at around 9:30 pm after the last baptism in Sekime, Osaka.
Ashley Reese was baptized in Amagasaki ward. She is pictured with her family and Elders Christie and Shoaf who taught her. We will try and post more of our missionary and convert pictures from this month in the next post.
Sister Shimokawa and Brother Sugino were baptized in Sekime. They are planning to marry soon and she introduced him to the missionaries after she was found and started the lessons. They were taught by many missionaries over several months. Most have returned home. Elders Beecher and Stennett taught them this past few months and baptized them. They both shed tears as they shared their testimonies. It was a powerful and Spirit filled meeting. A few days before the baptism, she was thinking about changing her mind because she was nervous and a little scared by the commitment. As they knelt in prayer with the missionaries and the bishop (who attended the lesson!) to ask if they should go through with the baptism, she had a undeniable confirmation from the Spirit that she should be baptized. He also (Sugino) said he felt like his chest was on fire and he had never felt anything like it before. We have seen many great conversions in the mission so far this year and hope to see many more! All I can say is that people can and do change. And true conversion takes place through the power of the Spirit. It is real and there are people out there prepared to receive, and searching for, the truth and happiness the gospel of Jesus Christ provides. We know they are the elect because they hear the voice of the Lord and harden not their hearts. (D&C 29:7) And we have been called to gather the elect!
Sister Yamashita had a birthday this month as well. We thought her cookie and red cheeks were a good likeness.
Sister Erika McIntyre in Sapporo continues to have a great mission experience. Here she is above knocking on doors with her companion. She was made a new trainer this past transfer.


julie said...

Happy birthday dad!
I am excited to hear about all the baptisms. I like the pictures.

Ashley said...

President McIntyre, this blog is so great! Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated with pictures and information about the mission! Elder Rasmussen told me a little bit about the transfer goals and I'm excited to hear how everything goes with it. He said the mission is on fire right now, and from the looks of things, he's right!

Thanks again for this blog! I look forward to all the posts!

Ashley E.