Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zone Conference Week September 1 - 5, 2008

Some of the missionaries at the Sakai Zone Conference held at the Wakayama Church

We had 4 zone conferences this week. Needless to say it was quite a busy week. On Monday we travelled to Kakogawa and held the Kobe Zone Conference. Tuesday was preparation day for the missionaries so no conference was held. Wednesday we went to Sekime Ward in Osaka for the Osaka Zone Conference. Thursday it was the Shimogamo Ward in Kyoto for a combined Kyoto and Osaka North Zone Conference. And Friday we travelled to Wakayama and held the Sakai Zone Conference.

We focused on following up on our increased efforts to find people to teach. Each zone brainstormed ways they are currently using to find and contact people. We talked about where, when and how to find. I presented two training sessions at each conference. In the morning, I taught about the importance of planning and goal setting. Finding efforts will only be effective if we begin with a plan and have clear goals and objectives. In the afternoon, I talk about focusing on the the restoration and using the Book of Mormon and talking with people about the importance of families as a way to approach people and spark interest in the gospel message.

In the Sakai Zone in Wakayama, each companionship shared a finding best practice and demonstrated how they do it. Here are some fun pictures of their presentations and posters.Some bike dendo action from Christiansen and Andreasen.Kanno and Tupou explaining about how they never give up!

Sisters Sadler and Notsu always try to talk to "one more person" before going home believing that may be the "one."Zone Leaders Allen and Schultz talked about how they plan to find and talking with everyone.Fishler and Williams demonstrated how to get past the first "kekko" or "no" while contacting people. We also discussed appropriate missionary language!Smith and Ruesch shared their skills at housing.

Elders Shoaf and Lytle - It is Baptize Time.Mauai and Wintz - Seeing the Miracle! Following the principles in Preach My Gospel.Mooseman and Thompson on the merits of using Eikaiwa.Melluish and Matsuoka on working with members. Goodey and Hobson on using a new missionary and English as a finding tool.

We have wonderful and obedient missionaries. They are showing their faith and working harder to find the Lord's elect.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Sakai as an exchange student....happy memories. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

Julie Stout

rocio said...

thank you so much for posting this. it's great to see Elder Goodey in the field. thank you for keeping us updated on the work.