Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week In Kobe - Monkey Park Preparation Day

President and Sister McIntyre above Kyoto City in the Arashiyama area.
Last week we posted a lot of missionary pictures. This week we are posting a lot of monkey pictures.
Above - Sister McIntyre with James and Ricky at the trail head to the monkey Park in Arashiyama.
This week consisted mainly of missionary interviews. Monday (September 8th) we stayed in Kobe and I interviewed most of the Kobe Zone. 18 missionaries in one day. That is quite exhausting, but a great experience as I can have one on one time with each missionary. Tuesday was spent in the office preparing Sunday talks and a youth fireside on Saturday and a missionary fireside on Sunday.
Wednesday we traveled to Fukuchiyama for interviews. Thursday we went to Kyoto and interviewed that whole zone, 14 missionaries. Friday we were in Ibaraki (Osaka) to complete the Osaka North Zone interviews. After the interviews, Sister McIntyre and I went out street contacting with the Zone Leaders. Sister McIntyre prefers "shopping" dendo. This is when she goes into stores and shops and then talks to the clerks and workers about the church. The problem is she usually ends up buying something! Luckily this time all she found was a 1000 yen pair of dress shoes. I think it is an expensive way to proselyte! We were able to talk with many people and share some materials with many. After Dendo, I met with President Kido of the Osaka North Stake and the zone leaders for our monthly coordination meeting. President Kido is setting a great example in his stake regarding missionary work and we appreciate him and his leadership.
Saturday we were back on the road again to Kyoto. President Tamaya of the Kyoto Stake asked us to speak at a fireside for the youth in his stake. We left Kobe in the morning and after having lunch upon arriving in Kyoto, we visited Arashiyama. Since it was Saturday we were able to take the boys with us. This was the first family day we have had in several weeks. Arashiyama is a beautiful historic part of the ancient capitol. The mountains in Japan are home to the infamous Japanzaru or Japanese monkey. In Arashiyama, there is a Monkey Park where many monkeys hang out on the top of Iwata mountian. You can climb the mountain and see and photograph the monkeys. On the top they have built a cabin that you can go in and feed the monkeys. You are not allowed to feed them outside. They are wild and if you look them in the eyes, they will scream and attack you. We tested this theory and it is true.
On top of the mountain with all the roaming monkeys. The city of Kyoto in the background.You can only feed them from inside the cabin for your own protection. Some are big and mean and have sharp teeth! This is Sister McIntyre giving a mommy monkey an apple bite.Rick kept trying to get close to this mom and her baby. They kept running away though.James was making friends with the two little babies. They were real cute and played together when they were not riding on their mom's back.
They were everywhere and you were safer in the cabin.Nice shot of a big mom with her little baby.More pictures

After spending an hour or so with the monkeys, we made our way to the Stake Center in Shimogamo. We changed and prepared for the fireside. There were over 60 people there including many leaders. We talked about remembering who you are and setting worthy goals in life.

Sunday, we traveled to the Kakogawa Ward and Sister McIntyre spoke in sacrament meeting. After church we had a fireside to which basically the whole ward attended. I spoke about member missionary work and the Bishop talked about their ward mission plan. The boys stayed home and attended the Kansai Branch next to the mission home.

We heard Erika will be returning to Japan on the 29th (the next transfer) to report to her mission in Sapporo. She is staying in the MTC half the normal time since she already speaks Japanese (6 weeks instead of 12).

We are gradually seeing some results of our efforts and little miracles as the missionaries apply the things we teach and follow the Preach My Gospel principles and guidelines. We are grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord. We see and feel them often.


skousonsintokyo said...

You guys make missionary service look like such a joy! You work so hard, but have such a happiness all about you! We are so proud of you here back "home" in Tokyo South.

julie said...

i want to see some monkeys!