Sunday, June 22, 2008

MTC Day!

We have been busy the past few days preparing to enter the MTC. Today we reported. After dropping the boys off at our friends home, we drove down to Provo and Erika and Julie saw us off.
Here are some pictures!

The badge Ceremony!

Day one was short and mainly orientation. Tomorrow, Sunday, the seminar starts and we will hear from President Monson and others. We are looking forward to it.

As part of our orientation we toured the MTC and had the chance to visit the Japan bound missionaries. In addition to meeting all 12 missionaries going to our mission (which was really exciting), we had a chance to visit with Elder Sellers and Elder Parks, both former members of our stake in Japan. I was Elder Parks' bishop several years ago and his father served in the bishopric with me. Elder Sellers' dad served as bishop in the same stake with us.

It has been a busy day and a busy several weeks. The mission has begun! We felt a wonderful spirit today and are grateful for the chance to be here.

We ate dinner with President and Sister Daniels and President and Sister Tateoka, who are going to Sendai. More later when we have chance!

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