Sunday, June 15, 2008

Leaving Japan and Setting Apart in Utah

It has been a busy few weeks leading up to our MTC Mission President's Seminar. We will enter the MTC on Saturday June 21st. On June 7th, Julie graduated from High School at the American School in Japan. Both Erika and Julie completed all four years of high school there. We have many fond memories of ASIJ and will miss the school.

On June 12th we flew to Utah having completely moved from our Tokyo home. Earlier that week we shipped our remaining personal effects from Tokyo to the mission in Kobe. June 12th was Julie's birthday, she turned big 18. To celebrate her birthday and graduation, on June 11th, we took her to Kobe Beef at the Sekishintei Restaurant in the New Otani Garden. Sister Evans and Jeff joined us.

We arrived at our home in Utah on the afternoon of the 12th. The next morning, Friday the 13th, our shipment from Tokyo, which was sent back in May, was delivered to our home in South Jordan. As far as we can tell, nothing was damaged or broken. We will not really unpack much as we are leaving back to Japan in a few days. Our old life will remain boxed in our Utah home basement.

Friday the 13th 2008 was not unlucky for us. This is the day we were set apart as Mission President and full time missionary. The whole family went to the church administration building where we met with Elder Oaks of the Twelve and Elder Maynes of the Seventy. My oldest sister Sharon, her husband Jeff and Dad were also able to join us. Elder Oaks, assisted by Elder Maynes, set me apart first as Mission President of the Japan Kobe Mission, with all the keys associated with that calling. After which Elder Maynes, assisted by me and Elder Oaks set Rika apart as a full time missionary, companion to me, the mission president, and special representative of the church. It was a great experience. Before actually being set apart, we had time to visit with both of them and learned about Elder Maynes' early days at BYU on a basketball scholarship. After the setting apart, our family went to the Roof Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and had a great meal together.

It was great to be all together as a family for this event. We have had several hectic months preparing for the next few years, and it is all culminating with our entering the MTC and returning to Japan to start our mission this month. Although we are busy and it seems like we have too many things to get done, I find I have extra energy to do all the needful things and somehow everything seems to fall into place. We are grateful the Lord is helping us and watching over our family.


Brad Campbell said...

President and Sister McIntyre,

Thanks for taking the time to share your preparations for Kobe. I've read with interest as my son will be entering the MTC on July 16th. It looks like he will be in good hands.

I know what a difference a mission president makes in the life of a young man, so I'm grateful to know a little about your family. It makes it a bit easier to see him go.

This will be a great experience for both of our families. I look forward to experiencing Japan by proxy...

skousonsintokyo said...

We are so proud to have had the privilege of assciating with you here in Tokyo. We wish you well and will be thinking about you this next week as you arrive back in Japan and start your mission. Those missionaries are soooo lucky!

pepper said...

What an awesome couple of weeks. Congratulations to Julie on her graduation.

Jeffery Nelson said...

President and Sister McIntyre, I was so happy to learn about your calling. I actually served in the Japan, Osaka mission (which I understand is now a part of the Kobe mission). I love Japan and the Kansai area. We are thinking and praying for you and your family and hope that you and your missionaries get many chances to teach. We will be working hard as ward members to find families who are ready for the gospel. Who knows, we may even find someone for your missionaries. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to support you and your family.


Bishop Jeffery R. Nelson
Country Crossing 1st Ward