Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day Calls!

Sunday May 8th is Mother's Day and we know all you missionary mothers could not be more excited to hear from your missionary on that special day. We are instructing all the missionaries from outside Japan to email their telephone number to their family this next preparation day (which is May 2nd here in Japan). We would ask that you call your missionary on Sunday evening May 8th your time which is Monday morning here in Japan. According to the handbook, calls should be between 30 -40 minutes. We realize families are large and that more time may be needed to speak with everyone, but please keep the call to under 1 hour. Call time details will be conveyed in the email from your missionary.
Japanese missionaries and others in similar time zones, may arrange for calls on Sunday evening (Mother's Day) May 8th.
The Special transfer for Tokyo missionaries returning to Tokyo will occur on Monday, May 2nd. The Mother's Day call should not be affected. Transferring missionaries will probably not be able contact families until Tuesday (preparation day in Tokyo) which is Monday in the US to set up the call.
Missionaries remaining in Kobe will not be affected by the transfer and should be able to contact family and set up the call for Mother's Day on their normal preparation day. In any event, we will make sure you can speak with your missionary on that day. Happy Mother's Day!

P.S. - Please note that the country code for dialing Japan from outside Japan is 81. To call a missionary in Japan you should dial 81 after you dial your international carrier access number (whatever that might be). So the number you call will look something like this:
your direct dialing access number +81-80-2149-xxxx. Your missionary's number will begin with 080, but you must not include the first 0 when dialing it from outside Japan.

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