Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baptism in Matsue - December 2010

Sister Kadowaki, who is a retired school teacher and 80 years old, was baptized in the Matsue Ward, Okayama Stake the first week of December. She was found (and taught) by Elders Wiser and Tsushima through house to house contacting. The bishop performed the baptism.We traveled to Matsue on Saturday evening and attended the baptism and church in Matsue on Sunday morning. On the way out of town we stopped to get a picture in front of the Matsue Castle.Many of the members of the Matsue Ward after Sister Kadowaki's baptism.
This the Notsu family in Matsue. Sister Notsu, who is now married to the former Elder Christie, served with us in Kobe.
Not all the hotels we stay in are that modern! Here is the toilet in the one in Matsue. These are affectionately called squatter toilets. We also often sleep in futons and tatami mats as can be seen above. The hotel did have a nice hot spring bath (onsen) though.

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