Monday, July 12, 2010

First Zone Leader Council in Combined Mission

How would you like to wake up in the morning to these missionaries on your porch? What a great bunch of missionary leaders. As part of Zone Leader Council, we took a morning hike. It was a great to spend time together and become more unified in the work.
We took a group shot at the Maya cable car station just before hitting the trail up the mountain.We did not go too far, but high enough to get a good view of Kobe and part of Osaka.At this view point, we read a few scriptures, sang High On A Mountain Top and one verse of our mission song.We took another group shot.Had been raining for several days, but cleared up enough for the hike and to make it pretty humid. Rika found a nice walking stick on the way up. The night before we had a meeting at the mission home. This is what our entry looks like when we have about 30 elders over for meetings. You always remove your shoes! What do you feed these missionaries? Well usually Sister McIntyre cooks for them, but because we have been so busy, one night we decided the World Buffet would be nice. We had no complaints.
They certainly ate their money's worth!
We had all the zone leaders from the former Hiroshima areas with us and had a wonderful training and council meeting. Next day was All Mission Conference!

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Rebeca Price said...

Dear President and Sister McIntyre. It is SO nice to pictures and news from the missionaries in your mission! my brother, Elder Santos always says in his emails how much he loves to be there and serving! we are really proud of him.

His last email talked about these days that he was over in Kobe with you all. He talked about this restaurant and how much they ate. It was so funny. He even mentioned that the owners must regret for having missionaries over...hahahahahaha. Missionaries always eat so much huh?! but they need to, so they can have the energy to preach all the long!!!

Anyways, I jsut wanted to let you know how much we love you and are grateful for all you do for my brother and all the other missionaries.

Rebeca Price