Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Pics of the Family

James wanted a picture with dad to show that he is as tall as I am now. I think if we cut the hair I am still taller. Our youngest is not a little boy anymore! Rika is thinking next mission...maybe India!
Mother's Day flowers/plant. We will see how long we can keep this one alive!Sammy looks a little tired at the end of transfer week. He loves playing with all the missionaries that spend time in the home especially during transfer weeks. He also finds a lot of food on the floor those weeks! An added benefit.

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Toshi said...

Pres. & Sis, Mc!!! I missed you and your family a lot. I wish I could go back to Japan and visit the mission!! A little less than a month and a half until the big day in the mission!! Good luck with everything else, and I am looking forward to receiving all the good news!!