Friday, June 5, 2009

Elder Solomon is Doing Great After Bike Spill

Elder Drew Solomon took a spill on his bike two days ago and broke his collar bone. The separation was wide enough and misaligned so we were advised to have it repaired with surgery. With the operation he will be back working in less than two weeks. Without the operation he would have been laid up for several more weeks waiting for the bone to heal.
Not the best picture but he was just out of surgery and still had the oxygen mask on. He will be released tomorrow, the day after the procedure, just in time for Sister Yumisashi's baptism, one of his investigators. Elder Solomon has made friends with all his roommates and nurses at the hospital. He has not stopped working as a missionary even from his hospital bed. Bike accidents are scary. We encourage the missionaries to slow down, but accidents happen even when missionaries are careful and obey the laws and rules. We are glad Elder Solomon is going to be just fine.

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Jared said...

leave it up to my little brother to get into an accident. Thank you for taking care of him, i had a bike accident in Sendai about the same time that he's kinda funny.