Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister McIntyre!

The office staff made Sister McIntyre a cake, tako yaki and a watermelon birthday card. She loved it all. Above is our whole family and Elder and Sister Painter (office couple), Elder Christie, Kunihiro, Ahmu and Murayama - and Sammy of course.

Thanks to everyone! Sister McIntyre was very happy. What a unique card...
Again, it was great to have the whole family here. Julie and Erika are off to Utah on Friday and then it will just be us, the boys and 100 missionaries! The boys start school this week, the girls leave and we get 11 new missionaries (9 from the US and three from Japan). We are losing 9 that are completing their missions. It is shaping up to be a busy week.

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Vanalee said...

Happy Birthday Rika and Ricky!!! I have been traveling this month and have not read your blog for awhile. I have been to Salt Lake, moved Kristina to Boston, to my granddaughter's baptism in Texas, to a family reunion and Alex's wedding in Denver and now I am back in Texas until I fly to Tokyo on Thursday. I love reading about everything you are doing and seeing pictures of your family and your missionaries. it is so good to see all of you and know that Ricky is back with you, too. I will miss all of you when I get home.