Monday, July 21, 2008

Missionaries Come and Go July 2008

These are the first missionaries to arrive from the MTC since we started to serve. Sister Kurashita, Sister Meyers and Sister Notsu on the front row. Elders Smith, Harvard and Ashdown in the back. They are wonderful and full of excitement. It was quite an experience to have them with us for two days in the mission home and then see them matched with their first companions. We will get to know them well over the next few years!

This is our first departing group. They come into the mission home the day the new missionaries go out and spend one night with us. After their final interviews with the President, a dinner and testimony meeting top off their last night in Japan. Pictured here are Sisters Williams, Davies, and Quinn. Standing are Elders Hana, Blankenagel, White, Hansen, Wolfe and Howell.

It is a wonderful experience to hear their final testimonies and how they have grown and struggled at times throughout their missions. I am already convinced that nothing is as great as a mission experience in preparing these men and women for their future lives.

One mission tradition is to climb the hill behind the mission home and take pictures the night before they depart. The view can be great if the weather cooperates. This was a shot from that night. It overlooks part of Kobe City and the Bay.

As a family (still minus Ricky though) we had some time for some fun as well. We visited a ranch in the mountains only a few minutes away from the home. Here are a few pictures. The mountans and views are quite beautiful here.

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